State of the Ross 3-11-12

63.5mm (25″) Ross Super Grand Tour

Double-fixed setup – Surly Dingle 17/21 and Shimano 600 40t/44t rings
Moustache bars with one lever and one ‘stub’
Old “Jim Blackburn” front rack, with “Schwinn Approved” saddlebag mounted
E6 halogen light mounted to the rack.
Front Shimano 600 sidepull brake
Shimano 600 25mm seatpost, Ideale 2000 saddle
Black Shimano Alfine Dynamo hub, black spokes and Cold Fusion rim from IRO Cycles
Kogswell fixed/fixed hub, silver spokes, black CR-18 rim
Surly Dingle 17/21 and Dura-Ace 15t cogs
V-O fluted metal fenders

I plan to put two fender-stay drawbolts on each fender, and mount them closer to the ends. Not as low as on the Quickbeam, but more out of foot-range. I think the aesthetics will be better on the front, too, if the stays attach to the fender about 3.5″ from the end.

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