steyr women's bike - 3 speed

State of the Steyr 3-15-12

steyr "mixte" women's bike

This bike is for sale – $125. Portland to Corvallis area. No shipping.

Cranks, pedals and seat from Trek Belleville.
Front Wald basket, rear Blackburn Mt rack from about 1987
Aluminum CR18 590 rims, stainless spokes, 1972 AW hub from a Schwinn Breeze, front WTB grease-guard hub. The original Sachs Dreigang wheels went on the Breeze, which went to a friend.
Minoura fork-mounted battery light, and a Superflash-style blinkie.
steyr women's bike - 3 speed

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3 thoughts on “State of the Steyr 3-15-12”

  1. Hey there, I know this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if you could tell me the model of this Steyr bicycle. I think I just bought one like this off of craigslist and am looking for more information about it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sara, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember a model name at all. I don’t think it has one. It’s a good bike, and considerably lighter than the Trek Belleville that replaced it. The only downside to it was the galvanized spokes and steel rims. The spokes broke, and the rims wouldn’t stop in the wet. New spokes and rims can be had fairly cheaply (the CR-18s are a great value), and any 27.5″/650B wheel will fit, but would need to accept rim brakes.
      Or just ride it happily in dry weather!

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