Bike Silhouettes for the Tire Pressure App

The Tire Pressure App is super-close. Allan and Scott were waiting on me for the icons. These are them, with lots of fussy details. All bikes are steel, two are from Portland. Tires on these look like… 32, 25, 60, and 40 millimeters.

Rene Herse Randoneur Bike silhouette

Vanilla Speedvagen race bike silhouette

Pereira longtail cargo bike silhouette

Raleigh Superbe dutch-style utility bike silhouette


That Herse head angle looks way too slack to me…

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4 thoughts on “Bike Silhouettes for the Tire Pressure App”

  1. These are perfectly made. Simple enough, right proportions. I’m also working on an App that needs illustrations to be animated (just a bit). Watching at yours, inspire me.

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