homebrew saddle rail taillight mount

DiNotte Lighting – 300R, originally uploaded by Freeheel Girl.

Extremely cool fabricated mount to attach a DiNotte 300R to the seat rails of a superslick roadified MB-1. Yeah, click through for the pictures!

She has a nice spiral-wrap innovation to run lighting wires along the brake cable, and… shows how to make your own spiral wrap out of tubing.

You would be well advised to check out the whole MB-1 Project Bike set!

17/19 1992 Bridgestone MB-1, originally uploaded by Freeheel Girl.

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9 thoughts on “homebrew saddle rail taillight mount”

    1. Are you going to shrink down the heat-shrink tubing, or just use it unshrunk? I think if the connection is solid (shrunken), you’d see a lot of lighting-wire movement. You also have to re-run the brake cable, but that’s not too big a deal.

      1. Yep, unshrunk will work but you may also have to cut and re-solder the wire connector. The DiNotte uses large (3/8″ to 1/2″) weatherproof connectors, which is why I did not use heat shrink. I also wanted a way to remove the wiring without having to undo the brake cabling.

        1. Yeah, if I had to cut the cable to make it work, I would skip heat-shrink. With SON hubs the cable to the rear light is already cut.

      2. Ops, sorry for the drive-by comment.

        I had only considered shrunk, but now that you ask… :-) I think compared to how much slack I have to play out to allow for the fork to turn, I think the amount the brake cable moves would be trivial.

        1. From another comment I had, depending on your brake cable, you can use a cable liner (like Jagwire has), then your heat shrink will wrap to the liner which won’t move when braking.

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