iPad Bar Bag Design

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This is the bag I want to make for my iPad. I used it for tracking a ride, which was pretty fun, and I listened to music on the downhill (closed logging roads).

I think it would be great to have a bag that mounted the iPad on the top, just like a cue sheet. You could use it AS a cue sheet, cue up music, consult your map, have a video chat with someone… some of that is actually stupid (sweaty facetime calls), but it’s what I’ve been thinking about.

The top would be a ‘cap’ style to keep out water, and it would be angled up about 25 degrees for ease of view and for scary low-angly panda photos from the front camera.
The thing I really want to make is a periscope-style adapter for iPhone lenses, so I can take photos and videos straight from the bag. Basically so the back-mounted camera shoots out the front.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. This was also drawn on the iPad, which I’m really enjoying.

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3 thoughts on “iPad Bar Bag Design”

  1. Friend Joe suggested there might be an app idea in there, too.
    I did want my photos and videos to be magically integrated into my ride data, so someone (me) could replay or review the ride, and see the visuals clustered around the stopped points.
    What if that was all public? Over time, dozens of photos of several people (or thousands/hundreds for places like Hawk Hill) build detail of the ride, and folks can upvote/downvote images, and add commentary.
    Hmm. Add it to the list of ideas, and keep on moving.

  2. Nice work, Philip!

    I think you should collaborate with 2012 Oregon Manifest entrants, and develop this idea further in one or more project bikes. Call it tinkering, and have a blast.

  3. That’s a good idea. And… you bring up a good point – ease of demounting for shopping, cafes, etc. Both the bag and the iPad should be easy for the owner to remove to carry inside, and hard for anyone else to do so. Otherwise, it’s only good for solo riding in the hills.

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