Light Mount Finished

Light Mount Finished, originally uploaded by Uncle Bicycle.

Yes! Give that a gander, and look at your bike for suitable spots to use it.

I saw this and thought, “Hey, that gives me an idea! It’s stupid that all bike accessories are supposed to go on a handlebar, instead of mount to an eyelet. What if I made a thing that mounted to threaded eyelets, but let you mount handlebar accessories on them?”

And then my brain said, “That’s exactly what you’re looking at, nimrod.”

My internet friend Gino came up with something that does the same job. Paint this one black, jam a bar-end reflector into it and call it done.

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7 thoughts on “Light Mount Finished”

  1. Made one of these this week. Under $4. Not as nice looking as the Gino light mount, but high on DIY points. The only hiccup was me not taking the light mount in to the hardware store with me to check PVC plug diameter sizing. Turns out they vary quite a bit, so a 1″ won’t fly, but a 3/4″ might, depending on manufacturing specs. The 1/2″ was too small.

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