Make a coroplast handlebar bag

The front end, originally uploaded by Hillbubba.

For about $10. Total genius. And slick! Someone suggested putting a light inside of it for a Chinese lantern look. I saw a wooden-shelled cargo bike at the Oregon Manifest that had Velcro material inside the ‘hull.’ The guy said it damped (not ‘dampened’) the rattling of cargo, and also, stuff stuck to it, like tool rolls! Sounded good to me. It would probably triple (“TRIPLE!”) the cost of the bag.

Look to Hillbubba’s Flickrstream for the step-by-step… steps.

The layout, originally uploaded by Hillbubba.

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4 thoughts on “Make a coroplast handlebar bag”

    1. The windtunnel test data is still being logged at Tulsa University. I try to compensate for the big wall pushing air with my teardrop helmet and airfoil shaped calf augmentation surgical implants.

        1. I like that definition of ‘laminating’.

          laminating – verb. becoming laminar.

          Sounds way better than


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