Quickbeam FS 62cm

Quickbeam, originally uploaded by Bingomck.

If I wasn’t still paying off taxes I would definitely buy this bike, and build a Quickbeam stable, with each horse set for a different course. This one is bigger than my 60cm QB, and definitely in the realm of fitting me. The Phil hubs and Paul brakes are a cut above my current gear, as well.
Ah, maybe next year I’ll get a chance to buy it off whomever buys it this year.
It’s in Mill Valley, CA (my hometown), and the seller wants $1300. Plus shipping, if it comes to that.

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One thought on “Quickbeam FS 62cm”

  1. I’m hoping Prop 30 passes, and then my wife and I will still have a jobs. If this is still FS at that point… well, hopefully nobody buys it in the next three weeks!

    Vote YES on Prop 30!

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