Schwalbe Come Through with a New Tire

I’m pleased and impressed. The Big Apple tires I bought from an internet acquaintance were covered under Schwalbe’s “yep, that’s a broken bead” warranty. They were pretty new, and I didn’t DO anything to them, but still – I like that they replaced it with a fresh one. New tread, and it appears smaller than the old one, both things that are fine with me, since I filed the front derailleur stop to make the old one fit.

schwalbe big apple - new tread

I’m very excited about the new tire – I think I rode the Gravel Roadster twice in the two months it had a temporary rear tire. It’s just really satisfying to roll on giant cushions of air. Next up – gears!

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5 thoughts on “Schwalbe Come Through with a New Tire”

  1. Good job!
    How did you go about the warranty process? I’ve had good luck with my Schwalbes and generally just wear them out. However, when I decided to replace my Delta Cruiser on the rear of my Raleigh, it indeed had a broken bead on it:

    So I wonder if there is any recourse for that?

    While we’re discussing tire warranty issues, the one I hated was the Specialized Armadillo I had on the rear of my LHT. I got it while I was in Baker City, OR on a bike tour in June of 2010 to replace the wearing-out tire. About six months later I looked at the tire and I noticed that it was delaminting. I had never seen that in any other tire I’ve owned, but learned it’s a common occurrence with Armadillos. I went to Bike Gallery in Portland to see what to do. While they weren’t the original shop, they are a Specialized dealer. They told me that they couldn’t do anything without the original receipt. And since it was on a bike tour, I didn’t hold onto it. I thought about contacting the shop in Baker City, but it was too much of a hassle. Besides, Bike Gallery didn’t even know if they could get it replaced, and would I want another Armadillo?

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