Working Bike – Sturmey hub in for repair

Working Bike, originally uploaded by bikamper.

My Flickr friend bikamper repairs the Sturmey Archer hubs that come in to his LBS (“local bike shop” (if you don’t live on the internet, this might not be a familiar acronym)). They pay him in parts.

I have a semi-equivalent relationship with my shop, only I do “internet consulting” instead of providing a tangible service. He says, “Sometimes, being that old weird guy in the neighborhood has its rewards.” ahh… one day. “Hey, grandpa – you can make us some “8 bit” graphics, right?”

I’d like to learn how to repair IG hubs. I still need to open up my Sachs Automatic and rotate the spring so it actually shifts, after I replaced the broken drive thingie…

!! agh !!

Sorry – my mind just boggled at the amazing unused, half-repaired crap I have in my garage:

  • Kelsey 3×5 letterpress and drawers of type (I’ll just cast new rollers out of gummi bears),
  • vintage LaPavoni Europiccolo espresso machine (sure, the seals are the hardest repair, but I’ve done all the others),
  • Sachs two-speed auto hub (the spring just needs to be shifted – the drive-thingie has already been replaced),
  • silkscreen press (totally functional, I just need to make something with it),
  • dump-rescue 3-speed that needs tires and bearings…

They all flashed in my mind at the same time. I definitely do NOT need to learn to repair internal gear hubs at this time…

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