Baggins Bags from Rivendell

Baggins Bags SOLD – Banana and Little Joe

Baggins Little Joe and Banana Bags SOLD- $XXX for the set

These are a good match for each other, and make a good impression. Plus they’re beausaged, which is the bike equivalent of burying your kilt in the bog for a year before being seen in public with it.

Baggins Bags from RivendellThey both hold a fair amount for small bags, and look better full than empty. The Little Joe includes a spare cord lock (you might figure out a better way to run the drawstring), and there’s a wallet pocket on each end.

Baggins Little Joe interiorBoth have the Baggins Bags leather disc, “Duluth Pack,” and Made In America labels. The Banana Bag I bought new, and it has the original long bag-loop strap and a short seatpost strap. The Little Joe saddlebag I bought recently, online, with no original straps. I’m including the straps I made, and also some pale leather straps from the Swedish Army pants I’m selling*. Seriously, the straps are worth more than the pants, and are easier to ship. Who ever heard of parting out clothes?

Baggins Bag leather patchSee Below – The Banana Bag has a place where the wrapping on the edging has come up, showing the cord it’s wrapped around. Non-structural, invisible on the bike, but a flaw. It’s been that way since shortly after I got the bag new, and it hasn’t gotten any worse.

non-structural Banana Bag edging flawBuy the set, shipping included, for $XXX (Paypal).

*(Psst! If you want the pants with the ankle straps, act now!)

Some of my camera items are on eBay. A couple of Canon lenses, a Sony f505 and f828, and a Leica ZX3. Cameras are gone, I’m relisting the lenses as real auctions, and throwing a few more lenses and cameras into the mix.

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