Bike Knickers for sale – price drop

bike knickers
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Knickers for sale

All knickers and wool items are another 10 percent off.

Fancy dress “Plus Twos” – Premier Designs black cotton (38): $50 shipped
Chicago Wig converted American BDU knickers (38) velcro knee closure: $20 shipped
Chicago Wig converted Chinese BDU knickers (38) string knee closure: $15 shipped
Bicycle Fixations khaki HEMP knickers (38): $45 shipped
Military Surplus non-wool knickers (38): $24 shipped
Military Surplus Swedish wool pants (32 inseam, 38 waist): $15.00 shipped
Banana Republic light wool sweater, brown check (L): $10 shipped.

I’m also selling these matching Baggins Bags from Rivendell – I’ll put up a post, soon. $110 shipped.

The Bicycle Wheel, by Jobst Brandt – $15 shipped
Bike Snob’s first book – $10 shipped

And on eBay are some old camera items. A couple of longer Canon lenses I’ve been using with my Sony Nex (legacy glass on a digital camera), two old Sony prosumer cameras (f505 and f828), and a Leica ZX3 35mm camera.

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