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Jedi Rust

Grant Petersen is coming to Powell’s for a Book Related Appearance on May 12, at 2pm. There will be a ride afterwards.

Grant’s book is controversial, he says, but I will bet <a small amount of money or art I can do quickly> that it boils down to “bicycling is not an extreme activity. ” That thesis could get some people into uncomfortable territory, though.

One of the things I enjoy about Grant’s writing is the wordplay – not puns or double entendres (he tries to make his writing as single-entendre as possible), but just playing with words for the fun of it, and the mental excercise. Writing with no “e” (I mis-said: “without 5th unit”), for example, which is why I’m looking forward to getting the bookmark.

Bafflingly, Powell’s doesn’t allow linking directly to events. They just pop up in a lightbox over the calendar. Book Link: Just Ride


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  1. Dang. Like to go to the event, but it’s happening at the same time as The First 100k Ranonneuring Populaire That I Can Actually Do This Year. (There is another 100k Populaire on May 26, but that’s the same day that Cycle Wild is biking to Silver Falls, and I ain’t missing that.) Which is odd: pretty much every Powell’s Book Related Event I’ve ever been to usually happens 7-7:30pm, not 2pm. If it was later, I could theoretically go if I’m not exhausted.

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