Nice Bike Knickers for Sale

Knickers, some Swedish long wool pants, and a sweater. All size 38 waist, or “XL,” except the sweater, which is a Large. I’m 6’2″, 230 lbs. Shipping is included in these continental United States.

bike knickers, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

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Fancy Duds:

Premier Designsblack cotton, with silver knee buckles “Plus Twos” (38): $60 shipped
Banana Republic light wool sweater, brown check (L): $15 shipped.
Bicycle Fixations charcoal wool knickers (38): $60 shipped
Bicycle Fixations black wool knickers (38): $60 shipped

Casual Duds:

Chicago Wig American BDU knickers (38) velcro knee closure: $25 shipped
Chicago Wig Chinese BDU knickers (38) string knee closure: $20 shipped
Bicycle Fixations khaki HEMP knickers (38): $50 shipped
Military Surplus cotton(? blend?) knickers (38): $30 shipped
Military Surplus Swedish wool pants (38): $20 shipped
MUSA butternut knickers XL: $30 shipped

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5 thoughts on “Nice Bike Knickers for Sale”

    1. Thanks! I’ll measure them tonight. I’ll measure the outseam, too, since I think they’re kind of high-waisted. My original plan called for photos with a measuring tape right there…

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