Nice Bike Knickers for Sale

Knickers, some Swedish long wool pants, and a sweater. All size 38 waist, or “XL,” except the sweater, which is a Large. I’m 6’2″, 230 lbs. Shipping is included in these continental United States.

bike knickers, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

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Fancy Duds:

Premier Designsblack cotton, with silver knee buckles “Plus Twos” (38): $60 shipped
Banana Republic light wool sweater, brown check (L): $15 shipped.
Bicycle Fixations charcoal wool knickers (38): $60 shipped
Bicycle Fixations black wool knickers (38): $60 shipped

Casual Duds:

Chicago Wig American BDU knickers (38) velcro knee closure: $25 shipped
Chicago Wig Chinese BDU knickers (38) string knee closure: $20 shipped
Bicycle Fixations khaki HEMP knickers (38): $50 shipped
Military Surplus cotton(? blend?) knickers (38): $30 shipped
Military Surplus Swedish wool pants (38): $20 shipped
MUSA butternut knickers XL: $30 shipped

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5 thoughts on “Nice Bike Knickers for Sale”

  1. Phikip, I am interested in those MUSA knickers! (And possibly the Bicycle Fixation knickers.) Please contact me at
    urbanadventureleague at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks! I’ll measure them tonight. I’ll measure the outseam, too, since I think they’re kind of high-waisted. My original plan called for photos with a measuring tape right there…

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