rivendell garage sale haul

This is the first Rivendell Garage Sale I’ve been to.

I got to meet Flickr, forum and facebook friends I’d never met in person: Manny, Joe, and Harry. It seems like it should be weird to meet online friends in the real world, but it never turns out to be weird. It’s normal and good.

Rivendell is really hard to find. I’d been there before, but my landmark had been completely remodeled. I kept seeing the bicycles descending, but I couldn’t quite see where they were disappearing to! I drove around the same three blocks about four times. Google Maps is kind of misleading. Basically, you have to find Dirito Automotive (giant), and make a right into the driveway between the Hertz place and the Pho place. Up the hill, left, park. I’d like to paint a giant bicycle on the street, with a big arrow.

There were some great deals, and a $400 SimpleOne frame that had been repaired. Too small for me. I heard someone got a $400 Atlantis frame right out of the gate, but I didn’t see it.

I got some good stuff for very little money. Here’s my haul at home – click through for notations. 

rivendell garage sale haul, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

I felt like I’d made out like a bandit, with Rivendell virtually paying me to take things away, so I asked, “Is there a tip jar?” Joe said, “No, but there’s a pile of money on the counter.” I threw down my last three dollars, and prepared to leave. Harry gave me directions, and reminded me that you can’t get out of the East Bay for free. Whoops. Every bridge in is free, but the same bridge out costs $5. Rather than retrieve dollars from the pile of money (that can’t be okay), or sell back the Nitto prototype Dove bars, I walked two block to the ATM and bailed myself out of Walnut Creek.


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  1. Ah, Rivendell. They lure you in with the goods, charm you to throw your last cash on their table…and then YOU CAN’T LEAVE! (Grant’s plan of world domination, I’m sure.)

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