Santa Rosa – home again!

Hey great time back in Santa Rosa! I dropped off the UHaul way down on Santa Rosa Avenue, after paying $.18 too much per gallon to fill it up, took my bike out of the back, and rode back to town. Had a burrito at El Patio (not as good as I remembered, but fine and filling), faffed around the apartment with a headache, until I remembered the last time I’d had coffee was two scant cups Sunday morning.
Down to Peet’s to make it up with a triple shot Americano and two giant refills.

A rider on a Roubaix asked the cops at the next table to watch his bike while he got a cup of coffee. The cops were leaving in a minute, so I said I could watch it. When the guy went in, I asked the cop, “so, you think that bike is my size?” He said, “no, it looks like a 56.” Somehow I like that random Santa Rosa cops know road bikes.

When the guy came out, he recognized the Quickbeam as a Rivendell, and said he’d met Grant a few times. We talked about the Tour, which had started in SR on Sunday, and I got to tell him how on Sunday, Grant had been speaking in Portland while the Tour of California had been kicking off in Santa Rosa, and I’d been in transit between the two places, unable to see either.


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