unintended consequences

That last post on the Google Ads was the most effective BikeTinker post ever. For me. Someone here bought Patrick’s Herse, so that worked for him, but I think this is cooler.

As a direct result of a non-bike post (“hey, lookie the ads”), I got an offer to guest-blog for a company I really dig, and another offer to trade some design work for the creation of the Tire Pressure App. Dang. Unexpected and cool. I am 100% on board with both of these projects!

Overall I’ve had a busy week (in a good way), that’s kept me off the bikes. That’s all I’m saying. Knock wood for me, okay? And if you have things you want to accomplish – let people know. You never know what other people are planning, and it might dovetail perfectly with what you want.

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