This is the first workstand I've ever owned.

My First Work Stand

This is the first workstand I've ever owned. I’ve been tinkering with bicycles since about 1986. I’ve never owned a work stand. It kind of boggles my mind. So, for my 19 anniversary, my wife got me a Park PC-10 workstand. She says when she’s rich, she’ll get me the Henry James universal frame jig that mounts on it…

I’m excited; maybe I’ll inaugurate it by cleaning all my bikes!

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6 thoughts on “My First Work Stand”

    1. I think I always figured I could, you know, hack something to do the job! I’ve hung my bike from a shelf by the seat, flipped it upside-down, lots of leaning it against a railing…

  1. Nice! A pretty great gift. Congrats on the anniversary!

    I think that the thing I’d miss the most from working at a shop, more than the discounts or ready access to piles of discarded parts, is a good workstand. It just makes everything that much more straightforward.

  2. Ah, the pile of discarded parts… I snagged a Bendix cog the last time the shop let me root through their recycling bucket.
    “You know that’s for a really old hub, right?”
    “Yep, I’ve got two hubs this’ll fit.”

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