Hot new tires coming

I just ordered up some Soma C Lines from Ocean Air Cycles. These are basically the exact tire I’ve been waiting for – about as fat as is easy on a fendered Quickbeam, plenty cush, with super-supple sidewalls. And I got the red ones.

Soma C-Line tires in red

Just like the Quickbeam and the Sturmey Archer S3X, this is something that fits an extremely specific need I’ve had for a while, and I jumped on it. Also, I like that “C-Line” sounds like “Sea Lion.”

These will replace the Mythos CX Slicks I’m running now, and I’m going to get new fender hardware (and maybe cables, too) to freshen up the bike for winter. I also got some Tire Savers from Loose Screws, to keep them free of the tiny sharp wire bits that have been plaguing me recently.

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One thought on “Hot new tires coming”

  1. Very cool. I am imagining your QB as described and looking forward to detailed photos of the outcome. Maybe I follow your lead.

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