47mm Marathon Supremes on a Quickbeam

47mm Marathon Supreme measures 43mm

Here’s a 47mm Schwalbe Marathon Supreme measuring 43mm actual width on a wide-ish rim.

Yes, those are my calipers.

I like the Marathon Supreme on the front. Cushy, and fast. I put in my best commute time after installing it. Not scientific, but it’s a nice-feeling tire.

quickbeam-fork-clearance-marathon quickbeam-stay-clearance-marathon quickbeam-chainstay-marathon

I took the Marathon Supreme off the back, due to clearance issues, but I may try again with a 19mm rim. The Kwest I have on there now looks anemic next to the giant Supreme on the front. I also plan to go back to the S3X, in order to ride some climbing loops at lunchtime.

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