attach alight mount to a bicycle basket

Basket-mounted light bracket

Attach a light mount to a basket with fender washers.

If your front basket blocks your fork-crown mounted dynamo light (and how could it not?) you might be able to mount the mount directly to the basket. Two fender washers to sandwich an intersection of the basket wires, an M6 bolt and a cap nut.

Might work

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2 thoughts on “Basket-mounted light bracket”

  1. I’ve been trying to work out how to solve this problem myself. I have a Wald Giant Delivery basket on my bicycle, and right now I have a length of metal pipe zip-tied to along the bottom-front edge, with a Magic Shine attached upside-down, kind of suspended beneath the basket. But eventually I want to upgrade to a dynamo set up with a Philips Safe-Ride. I’ve been thinking about trying to get two rectangles of metal, with appropriate sized holes drilled in them, four on the corners for holding it tight to the front of the basket, and one in the center for mounting the light. But I have no access to power or fabrication tools, so I have no idea how to make it a reality.

    1. I like the sound of your pipe setup. Are you entirely tool-less, or could you make your flat plates out of wood? Something hard like oak would work. To make it out of metal would just require a hacksaw and file… and a drill. I’ve had good luck finding hacksaws and files at thrift stores for not much money. Most hardware stores carry aluminum stock, which is easy to cut. Prowl around the hardware store in the electrical and plumbing sections, and see if there are already flat plates with holes that would fit? PVC pipe is very easy to cut, and fittings come in lots of weird shapes. You might be able to use a short connector piece, slot the ends, and slide it straight into the gap between two wires. Drill a hole straight through it front to back, and you’d have a single mount that would work for either handlebar-mounts, or direct bolting.
      Good luck!

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