5 thoughts on “Light Rack in Action”

  1. Looks like it works similar to the old french rando flashlight front thingie. Put the light at a better height then the handlebar. I’m using a very short bar to hold a light from the brake bracket. I’m wondering how to bend square aluminum stock into an elegant curve like this. Any tips?

  2. I seem to recall from my apprentice metalworking days, that by heating aluminum bar to a certain temperature, it can be worked (ie. bent) without cracking. But it’s an acquired skill and you’ll have to make a former to bend the stock around, to the curve you want.
    As usual, Google is your friend. :-)

  3. I think you’re right about heating the aluminum. I know my dad made some nice aluminum cookie sheets when he was studying to be an aircraft mechanic, but that sort of information isn’t genetic. I bet a tree limb would work as a forming shape.

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