reverse levers and bar-end shifting

Reverso levers and bar-end shifters!


humblecyclist on flickr set his Long Haul Trucker’s Albatross bars up with both reverse brake levers and bar-end shifting… at the same time.

New brake levers and shifters for my LHT

Paul Thumbies holding Shimano shifters, coupled with Soma reverso levers on Albatross bars. Super-cool. Humblecyclist says after 4+ years of this setup, the only weird part is the reverse shift direction (down for larger on the rear).

“It only takes a few minutes of riding to become comfortable with this “backwards” shifting – after that it just seems normal. It is all worth the setup and configuration necessary to get the full access of the Albatross bars.”

My version would be a single front brake on the left, and a single “normal” bar-end shifter on the right. Dangerous, bad, and wrong.

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One thought on “Reverso levers and bar-end shifters!”

  1. That’s a pretty cool setup. I have a 1960’s Gitane with a Suntour Spirt derailluer which has reverse shifting too. It’s pretty unique and surprisingly easy to get used to

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