Coffeeneuring Challenge #2 and #3

I’ve been editing my wifes book for (e)publication for the last couple weeks, so I have posts in my brain and camera, but no time to commit them to the blog.

Last weekend I decided I wasn’t going to make the Challenge; there is very little call to go get a cup of coffee when your home is awash in the stuff. There’s a little coffee Noah building an ark, marching in the dust bunnies two by two, as the coffee flood waters rise.

However, I slipped out to Holy Grounds right before they closed, and had an Americano (plenty of room). Coffeeneuring Challenge #2. I drank half of it there, and rode home to finish it on my porch, which is much nicer.

Coffeeneuring Challenge #2 - Holy Roast

Coffeeneuring Holy Roast, Santa Rosa CA

Second half of the Americano taken to go - Coffeeneuring Challenge


This weekend, I woke up Sunday morning, rolled back the clocks, and took the dog to the coffee hut at Pacific Market. I was going to go to Village Bakery, but I can’t tie the dog up outside, because she goes into “guard dog” mode and won’t let anyone in. Embarrassing and scary. She was so good at the coffee bar, though, ignoring the two tiny dogs barking away every five minutes. Anyway, Challenge #3.


Quickbeam Coffeeneuring - parked

Coffeeneuring Destination

Coffeeneuring Americano - nice!

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2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Challenge #2 and #3”

  1. These are some great coffeeneuring photos! Excellent perspectives. Especially like the first shot as well as the one of your dog!

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