2 thoughts on “Moscaline Scoops NAHBS”

  1. Wow, that’s a pretty incredible story. No way, no how Paul comes out as anything but a douche’. Of course, Paul tries to defend himself in the comments, which only makes it worse. And, no surprise, he is completely oblivious to the fact he is making it worse.

    All for $22. Not that Paul realizes he trashed his reputation, as I said he’s completely oblivious, but still it’s incredible someone will trash their reputation over $22.

    Well, that’s the problem with petty dictators, the pettier the dictatorship, the pettier the dictator.

    1. I’ll remember the petty dictator quote.
      I couldn’t quite fathom the flack’s “dirty laundry” jibe… What could Tarik have done to make it okay for his rejected press pass allow a stranger to get in?
      And… How many readers does that bike industry spouse have, anyway? Obviously not enough to get a real pass.

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