Mountain lion

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Cool. I guess Liberals do process risk differently…
I rode my bike in Annadel this weekend, and while I had to push on the uphill, and it made me sad, and I had to carry my mountain bike through rock gardens I’d ridden on my fixed gear road bike, which made me laugh, I had a great time. My mantra was “think how much room there is for improvement!”
Sappy, yes, with overtones of, “gosh darn it, people like me!” But seriously. Isn’t it inspiring to think how EASY it will be to improve?

I’m applying that mindset at work. I’m tasked with (“asked to do some things” in human speak) work that I’m not skilled at (video). I am strong in related skills (“getting across a point;” and “framing a shot”) but am fail at the whole package. Tomorrow I’m doing it my way. It couldn’t be much worse, but it should be a lot more fun.

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  1. Entertaining, as usual. I had to laugh at the “think how easy it will be to improve” comment. I think that often…then I remember how old I am. Then I laugh because I’m still enjoying my saddle time as much as ever.

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