The Peddaling Baker

I bought some baked goods from this fellow. He mills his own flour for his sourdough loaves, and sweetens his peanut butter cups with xylitol.


The downside is that two peanut butter cups and a hamburger bun-sized “loaf” will set you back $10. The bread was really good, and I ate it in tiny slices to maximize the payback, and kind of approach it as a $3.50 box of melba toasts, not a loaf of bread you could put in a shirt pocket. The peanut butter cups were grainy, so maybe he could mill his nuts a little finer.

I support what he’s doing, but I can’t really afford to support what he’s doing.

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4 thoughts on “The Peddaling Baker”

  1. Sounds like a cool concept. I’m wondering if he spells it “peddaling” as a play/combo of “pedaling” (to move pedals, usually on a bike) and “peddling” (to sell, usually while traveling). Or maybe his spelling is really bad. ;-)

  2. You guys have reminded me of the sad day when my boss, the bike shop owner, brought in new t-shirts for us. As we were a water-sports retailer AND bike shop, he wanted to sum it up in two words: “Paddle and Peddle.” Sigh. It wasn’t as egregious an error as his continued use of “irregardless,” but far more costly and permanent.

    1. “Irregardless of your grammatical errors…”
      The Peddler came by today (Sunday is his day on my street, I guess), and asked my wife if “Paul” was home, just as I came outside. He asked if he could show me his menu. I said “No thanks, but thanks,” and he skedaddled. “Off to sell more tiny loaves,” according to Angelina.

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