State of the Gravel Roadster 1-24-14

state of the gravel roadster

The Gravel Roadster has given up many of its parts (wheels, bars, brakes and seat) to the Singular Gryphon frameset I’ve been riding for a month or so. I’ll review that bike later, but I want to get some real 29er tires for it. The Gryphon is a mountain bike, and the Gravel Roadster was a road bike. “29er Road Bike” – Can I trademark that?

This is a 43cm Fisher Utopia frame (very light aluminum hybrid) with a Kona P2 fork, single ring and 7 or 9 speed cassette. I’m 6’2″. If I were to build this from blank paper (or an actual budget), it would be exactly the same, but in a larger size. This one frame fits a huge range of rider sizes, and if I can get a longer seatpost and another wheelset I’ll probably resurrect it.

Right now the frame, fork, headset, stem, crankset and seatpost are wrapped up in that Niner box. Any takers? Cheap.

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One thought on “State of the Gravel Roadster 1-24-14”

  1. I’m interested! Just found your blog today, how much were you thinking for an asking price? I need a new toy…err bike anyhow and I love the way this bike looks and I’m sure the 29er road/burrito/dog walking/saddlebagging bike idea is very marketable ;)

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