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2014 Bike To Work Day

Last year I rode to work all week for Bike To Work day. The high point of the Friday ride was meeting an anti-fixie hipster. Then that next Monday I rode to work and fell over from vertigo that lasted a week, and still affects me a little. Probably some kind of hipster curse. This year I notice that due to the subtleties of page layout, and the lameness of the internet, not only do Pingbacks on the Sonoma County Bike Coalition Bike-to-Work page look like the names of sponsors… most of them are flat-out spam. header layout makes pingbacks look like sponsors So that’s me – art nerdery and UI/web nerdery spilling into the bike nerddom. I did set 6 Strava PRs on my commute this morning, though!

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UI/UX Designer, bike nerd, artist.

One thought on “2014 Bike To Work Day”

  1. That was fast – in the time I wrote this post (about 8 minutes), Sonoma County Bike Coalition removed the Pingbacks from their Bike To Work Day 2014 page.
    I feel like I just saw a rainbow, or something. A shooting star… A fleeting peek behind the scenes.

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