Biketinkers Union

BikeTinker’s Union

I’m working on some tee shirt and sticker graphics for the Bike Tinker’s Union. I wanted a classic ’30s feel, and I also wanted to honor Sheldon Brown, the patron saint of all tinkerers. This is Sheldon’s helmet eagle “Igor,” with a funny smile.

Biketinkers Union

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8 thoughts on “BikeTinker’s Union”

  1. Sign me up for a t-shirt in large for sure.
    In other news, thinking my next Quickbeam mod will be a two-speed kickback hub, inspired partially by your recommendation of riding with the Automatic hub.

  2. This is a great idea! Sheldon was my hero. I chatted with him a few times over e-mail. He always had good advice and something nice to say. I kind of wish Rivendell would name a bike after Sheldon Brown instead of the made-up names they are using now. It would be a nice tribute.

    1. I loved Sheldon, and I’m really bummed that he’s gone. I don’t think I’d like to see Sheldon’s name on a Rivendell, unless it was REALLY WEIRD. Like a fixed-specific tandem with a suspended camera mount, or something.

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