Biketinker Patches!

Hi people,

I actually have a bunch of Biketinker patches up on Etsy nowadays. I just hang out on Instagram more than Flickr or this blog.

April 2016 post:

The pre-order sold out, and then some. I never made any tee shirts, wall signs, or aprons. Basically, working with Walter at Falls Creek Outfitters is fun and easy, and those other things are not.

I have a new run of Biketinkers Union patches in hand, and they’re up on the Etsy. $6 each, and $1 shipping covers as many as you want.


Someone asked “How do you join?”

Basically, if you want in, you’re in. I have friends who also head secret societies, and they have rule-sets ranging from robust (3) to succinct (2). We have no proscriptions or prescriptions. If you’ve ever taken a wrench, a sharpish stick, or a length of duct tape to a bike, then you’re probably a bike tinker.

“What do I get for membership?”

So far, just a patch, and you need to purchase and install it yourself. If you see another patch in the wild, you might say, “Oh, hey!” If you recognize the eagle, you might say, “Oh, hey! Igor!”

“What’s up with the eagle?”

Sheldon Brown. He’s the atheist patron saint of all bike tinkers. If you have a weird bike question, or wonder why this 26″ tire isn’t fitting on that 26″ rim, go to, and AASHTA!

NOTE: The Bernie “pig” patches are all gone, as is the Bernie “flaming head” patch. Sorry.


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