Bontrager Enduro Allroad makeover

One of my current project/brainworms is to convert my Bontrager to a fat-tired road bike. I swapped the SID Dual-Air for a Kona P2 canti fork, and bought some phenomenally expensive (for me) Compass Rat Trap Pass tires. I’d been planning the conversion for some time, but changed the fork the day after I rode down Mt Tam and back to the top with knobbies and a suspension fork.

I visited a couple of cool bike shops in Sebastopol, and got some bar tape, since I like to buy something when I visit a shop. Black bar tape replaces the dingy faded cloth tape, looking a little more intentional. Spot the electrical tape fanciness on the stem!


Here’s the “finished” bike, still wanting an LD stem, black bar tape, and A23 rims for tubeless setup. Maybe a setback (or just fresher-looking) 27.0 seatpost.

I rode it for a week with the rigid fork. Less funky dive in the corners. I like it. I chose the canti-only fork because it’s lighter, I don’t like extraneous bits, and I’m happy with V-brakes on this bike.
bontrager-privateer-enduro-allroad-makeover_003 This was always a fine bike, and it came with Bontrager-modified King hubs.


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2 thoughts on “Bontrager Enduro Allroad makeover”

  1. Hi! I recently bought a Bontrager Race Light from ’95 (I THINK) and it seems very difficult to find info on them. I’d love to know what you think about it, may I send you some images? They’re so rare!

    Thank you!

    Juan Mario (Northern Virginia)

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