Custom Ink bike curation

A reader pointed me to some cool bikes built up by a screenprinter as artworks. I really like that approach to bikes, and I really like the bikes themselves. I was a screenprinter* for 8 years, so I have an affinity there, too.

The show in the screenprinting cafe/galleryFlying Carpets

My favorite of Jason’s bikes is the Thief of Bagdad bike, which picks up the colors and feeling of the great poster from the movie.

It’s the gold one on the left, with the pale blue rims. I like the blend of fixed gear and BMX going on here, and I think it’s cool he makes them happen.

There are more images here, and a fuller story: Inker Gallery

I got distracted reading about the Thief of Bagdad on wikipedia while stealing this poster image… the original 1924 version stars Douglas Fairbanks, and sounds awesome; the 1940s version stars Sabu, who I’d only ever heard of from the John Prine song. Reading the synopsis of the movie made me think “Wow. Sounds like Aladdin.”

And by the way… oh fuck.

*I can use a stat camera. Can you use a stat camera? I can use a stat camera. 

Boxer Manifest bike for sale!

This is quite a cool bike, with a giant front rack. It’s a cycletruck that could easily replace your car… only more stylish. And you could own it for $3300 – cheaper than an El Camino in any  condition, but just as head-turning and useful!
I think this was a solid OM showing, with a lot of style. It’s been modified since the Challenge, and this for-sale incarnation includes bar-end shifters, a triple crank, and Albatross bars for easier city riding. The kid seat is included, as is the beautiful bag and stylish thermos.
  • Child Not Included!
  • 55.5cm Seat Tube
  • 57.0cm Top Tube
  • 32″ Standover height
  • Rack platform is 19.5″ W x 22″ L
  • 11.5cm Stem with about 1.5″ rise (pretty stem)
  • 80 lb front load capacity, kid seat and custom bag incl.
  • Integrated rear lock (or optional custom rear rack)
  • $3300 — ask Dan about it!

Dan Boxer – Oregon Manifest, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

State of the Sears bike 3-18-12

Blue 1970s Sears department store bike, made in Austria by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Steel rims, steel cranks, matching vinyl seat. The red Steyr was like this before it got aluminum cranks, a square-taper BB, and aluminum rims.

It needs:

Hubs overhauled
Sachs 3-speed hub cleaned and oiled (at least)
Fenders bent back into shape

Sears bike (Steyr/Austr-Daimler) in need of an overhaul

It’s actually not in bad shape; I just haven’t gotten an afternoon to clean it up.

State of the Steyr 3-15-12

steyr "mixte" women's bike

This bike is for sale – $125. Portland to Corvallis area. No shipping.

Cranks, pedals and seat from Trek Belleville.
Front Wald basket, rear Blackburn Mt rack from about 1987
Aluminum CR18 590 rims, stainless spokes, 1972 AW hub from a Schwinn Breeze, front WTB grease-guard hub. The original Sachs Dreigang wheels went on the Breeze, which went to a friend.
Minoura fork-mounted battery light, and a Superflash-style blinkie.
steyr women's bike - 3 speed

Redline Junior BMX Race Bike

SOLD. Light. Fast. Good condition. We got it new when The Kid was about 5 1/2, and he rode it for five years. He raced it twice and came in second. This bike is light, at about 15 lbs, and fast. These BMX race bikes are about the only quality bike you can get for a small kid. My plan was to pimp it out with recumbent fenders and drop bars, but the child loved it just like this. If you just want to race it, that’s fine, too.

Extra front brake is a Shimano 600 sidepull I added
Rear brake is a mini-V.
471 Tire size (1 3/8 tires)

Redline Junior BMX race bike

State of the GravelRoadster 3-14-12

Pi Day

One more hour ’til Pi Day.

I like that. Nerd holiday. Crafty bake-y nerd holiday. I don’t do anything to celebrate, or eat pie, I just enjoy the fact of it. It tickles my OCD number-thing neuron, and also my idiotic-pun neuron. Their dendritic spines are reaching out towards each other…

Okay, the freaky over-sharing is over. Let the freaky over-sharing begin! Next bike:

200…4? …6? Gary Fisher Utopia

gary fisher Utopia drop-bar rigid fork monster cross-ish hybrid bikeGigantic Schwalbe Big Apple Front, Schwalbe 47mm Marathon in back. Sad Face.
Pink Cascadia Fenders. Front on the rear, rear on the front. DIY mounts.
Kona P2 fork, Salsa Woodchipper bars (42mm?), Dia Compe 287v levers.
Two rings, two cogs, no tensioner. Only works in the ‘big’ gear.
Lots and lots of ugly stickers. The best comment I ever got on this bike was from a Rivendell Owners Bunch friend.


I think it was more of an “oh my” “wow” than an all-caps “WOW THAT BIKE IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME” “wow.” Which it is.

salsa woodchippers, dia compe 287v levers on discs, Kona P2 forkVery likely this stem will go back on the Bontrager to support a Titec or Jones bar. I have a prettier silver stem that should work. I like the Kona fork. A 26″ version would work with this setup (my “no money-back” guarantee), but would change the head angle.

I really like the fat fat fat tires. I’m not that into this bike since the rear tire’s bead broke.

Gary Fisher Utopia drop bar hybrid. Rigid fork, Big Apple TiresThe pedals are tiny MKS GR9s with (some) skateboard grip tape to make them useable for my size 13 feet. Really? 13? I used to be an 11.5 narrow. Did you know feet, ears, and noses never stop growing? That’s a Tom Waits “Grab Bag” fun fact that might not actually be true.

Another fun fact: this bike used to belong to James Minarck, and is featured on Cyclofiend.

State of the Bontrager 3-13-12

Mostly Stock 1999 Bontrager Privateer

orange and blue 1999 Bontrager Privateer

Steel OX Platinum, wishbone seatstays, special Bontrager-specific black-crown SID fork
Bontrager “by Chris King” hubs; replacement rear rim (Ritchey Girder)
Geax Blade on the front, Panaracer Fire XC Pro on the back
9 speed cassette, XTR derailleur, XT front derailleur, Suntour bar-end shifters
On-One Midge bars – flared offroad drops; Newbaum’s cloth tape in blue and orange
Ugly stem, spray-painted blue

Bontrager Privateer 1999This year I want to try Jeff Jones’ H-bars or Loop bars. I’ll keep an eye out for the budget Titec version. Hopefully I’ll ride enough to wear out these tires, too.