Baggins Little Joe Saddlebag – howzit work?

I just bought a used Little Joe saddlebag, a nice-looking canvas and leather number that matches my old Banana Bag pretty well.

My only issue is that I don’t know exactly how the bags are supposed to be fitted with straps! There are 8 d-rings on the flap and bottom of the bag, which seems like a lot, but at least 4 and maybe 6 are for the straps to cinch it closed. If anyone has instructions, I’d much appreciate it.

Duluth made this a long time ago for Rivendell, under the since-discontinued “Baggins Bags” line. Rivendell retired some Tolkein names at the request of the copyright holders (not the film company). Quickbeam was one, and Baggins was another. The new Riv line is “Sackville,” which is also a Tolkein reference, but made the cut. Less famous, maybe.