Bike hood ornaments – Lil Fender Friends

Beaver fender ornament - by Maїwenn CastellanThe rough-hewn look of these is really* appealing and a bit affecting. I like this beaver one, since I’m in Oregon (there’s a Duck, too, I think), but they’re all good. Jump to the MocoLoco post I saw, or poke around the web. Maiwenn’s “Liam” mailbox is really good, too.

There’s an acorn I like, too. I think food items would be great hood ornaments – you could always be chasing that carrot. Cupcakes. I think I’m going to steal the idea and put zero work into it – just glue a sturdy plastic pig to my front fender. That idea just cracks me up.

*Superlatives are just lazy writing. Sorry