I might like my dog blog better…

quickbeam and dog, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

You may not have seen this (why would you), but I save my dog pictures from flickr over to PitMix.com.
I stopped taking pictures on bike rides for more than a year, since it was always the same two bikes, the same dog, and the same trails, week after week.
Now I started again, and I’m glad. Looking back, I like how the small variations in season, setup and doggy age make each ride and each picture unique. It’s why I take the ride, why not make the picture?

Gravel Road test ride

gravel roadster on old bethel road

I took the dog out on a few miles of gravel road as a test of the gravel roadster setup. Getting this bike on the road has had some silly setbacks, including two broken rear spokes at the beginning of two separate rides. There are other silver spokes mixed in with the black, so I bought three spokes when the last one broke. That should ensure that no more break!

black dog with her tongue out, funky bike with pink fenders

We had a great run, up some brief hills, and along orchards and blueberry farms, looking out over the valley to the West. The sun only cracked through the overcast a few times, but cold gray is weather I like. We rode out a couple miles, and I goofed around taking pictures of the bike. We turned around to head back, since I didn’t want to stay out too late, and you never know what might happen.

happy dog!Such as the rear wheel making a weird noise and sliding around on a descent! When I stopped, I saw that the tire had unseated, and the tube, still inflated, had doubled in size, looped out like a giant intestine, and herniated itself. A loop was bound up in the stays, and two feet of it jabbed out in the air. The tire had rolled off the rim somehow, and wouldn’t go back on.

inner tube unleashedI can put it on, but it just falls off. No matter how I try to mount it, I can see an air gap between the rim and the tire. I think the wire bead may have broken. I shlepped the bike back about a mile; sometimes carrying it, sometimes rolling it, but it didn’t roll that well.

chick on old bethel road

I had a good laugh at my own expense, and I was out having an adventure in the countryside, so it was fine.The dog was a little non-plussed, though.

nice spot for next year

I did find a half-mile stretch of unharvested rose hips. They’re already withered, but they might be a possible gleaning site next year.