Coffeeneuring Challenge #4

I ran some errands this morning, and got a cup of coffee at The Flying Goat in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square. This should be a Coffeeneuring Permanent. Nine years ago I rode by The Flying Goat on the Quickbeam, and was chased down by Buck, a fellow who builds frames for Chris King now. Randomly running into him at the Oregon Manifest kickoff party several years ago was crucial to me having anything to report to Bicycle Times at all…


$2.50 in my own cup, pretty smokey flavor, okay crema. Fantastic ambience. Other groovy bikes locked up (or not) in the vicinity.

Coffeeneuring challenge
Coffeeneuring challenge

Coffeeneuring challenge


Apparently Flickr is uncool with panoramas

Coffeeneuring Challenge #1

So my first shot at the Coffeeneuring Challenge was actually challenging.

This “oh, that looks like a nice cafe” cafe is now closed down. Apparently it didn’t look nice enough to entice me through its doors in time to help keep them open…


“My Friend Joe” Coffee – shuts at 6:00 on Sundays. The girl was dragging the sign inside as I rode up. Note the “Open” and “Closed” signs both being on. Also note the badass ’70s typeface of “Bagels & Croissants.” Whatever it is, it’s the next-most-’70s font to Cooper Black.


Cafe des Croissants. Sure, I could use an almond croissant and an espresso. Too bad they close at 4 on Sundays. The guy loading the truck was totally willing to sell me a croissant, but couldn’t fire up the espresso machine. I should have bought the croissant.


So I just went two blocks back to Mendocino Ave., and stopped at the bizarrely located Peet’s. I guess it serves the city/county admin buildings across the way. Twelve ounce Americano with plenty of room. It was good.


I actually saw my wife zip by on her Vespa on the way back from her shopping, and I took the rest of the coffee to go. She beat me home by a few minutes. In McMinnville, we used to race home from 3rd St., bike against scooter, Max on the back of the scooter. It was usually pretty close, especially if you counted the winner by “first into the house,” instead of “first into the driveway.”