Ross with dynamo hub

I built up a budget dynamo wheel for the gravel roadster, but chickened out on putting Big Apple balloon tires on the narrow Cold Fusion rim. Instead I pulled the low trail Ross touring bike out of the dark corner of the garage and fitted it out with the new wheel.

ross fixie in front of Red Fox BakeryI hung an E6 from the front rack with a simple P-clamp, and used a modified lens that mounts correctly on an inverted light. It’s the bike I’ve been riding to work this week, and I really like it.

shimano alfine dynamo hub and E6 lightI also put a giant sized Schwinn (Karrimor-made?) saddlebag on the front rack. I like that, too. It’s like a trunk. I’m going to attach it more firmly to the rack this weekend, either with grommets and zip ties, or with mini-P clamps and little bolts. Right now it’s strapped tightly with a toe strap, and hangs from the moustache bars with two more toe straps, because the saddlebag mounting straps weren’t long enough.

low trail ross with large front bag and moustache barsToday I took a couple of pictures of the bike, and ended up chatting with Matt, who works at Red Fox and according to his workmate, “Loves bikes. And cameras.” Hey, me too! Matt’s moving to Whitefish Montana, and is excited to ride the Divide, since it’s right there! I told him to check out Kent’s blog. Matt has my friend Nathaniel’s old Karate Monkey, and the Suzue Pro-max track wheels I traded for Nathaniel’s SON dyno wheel and lights.

ross, moustache bars and big bag from the frontWhich is what made me realize I need dynamo lights on all my bikes in the first place.