Alfine 11 IGH on a Quickbeam

IMG_0857, originally uploaded by jimcwarren42.

Jim installed an Alfine 11 internal gear hub on his green Quickbeam. He had a shop spread the rear triangle to 135mm, and he’s running a thumbshifter on Rivendell Bullmoose bars. He says when (and if) a dropbar shifter for this hub becomes available, he’ll switch to drops.

It looks like he’s using Rivendell’s down tube clamp-on cable stops to run the wiring, and then zip-ties on the chainstay.

Cool setup. One could do something similar with the new SimpleOne without too much trouble.

S3X busted nut

S3X busted nut., originally uploaded by BikeTinker.

The wheel was slipping in the dropouts (yeah, yeah, “fork ends”) after I changed a flat, so I added two links to the chain and cranked down extra hard. Two days later I noticed the end had cracked, but it still shifted.

Yesterday, at the bottom of the hill on Willis Road, it snapped entirely. The top two gears still worked, but the low gear only freewheels. I climbed the hill anyway, and picked about two gallons of blackberries for jam. Then I went to the Hotel Oregon and put my feet up.