The death of fixie cultcha?

I bought two rims and spoke sets from IRO – $15 rims and $16 black spokes. I loves me the cheap wheel goods. I haven’t even opened the box yet, but I’m looking at putting together a dynamo front and either a Sturmey 3 speed fixed (S3X) or new S2C kickback with no coaster brake. I resent the coaster brake on my Sachs Automatic. It’s heavy, and I can’t kick the cranks around to optimum position.

I did open the Iro box – one of the rims had a couple shiny inch-and-a-half scratches in the anodizing. I need to see if that’s expected with these $15 rims, or what. There’s gotta be a reason they’re cheap, right?

I hope you all checked out Velo Cult’s S3X build of Chris Kostman’s Raleigh Competition