Bike mudflaps made from leather shoe tongues

You know you’re old when… you aren’t in shape to work on bikes, let alone ride them. My back hurts!

I just put in a few hours working on my fenders. I moved the stays much further down towards the ends of the fenders (47mm from the ends). I also switched up to double daruma eyelets on each stay, instead of singles. Total crap job on drilling the holes, but I don’t care. I’m just glad no one’s paying me to butcher their $100 Honjos, and I’ve dropped out of the competition for “prettiest Quickbeam ever.”

The cool part was installing mudflaps made out of the tongues of leather hi-tops. They’re green, from my old PF Flyers, and well worn. I have a pair of Keen’s tongues for the black bike.

I cut the tongues out way longer, including part of the rubber toe cap, but ended up making it shorter to fit. I washed the mudflaps in the sink with hot, soapy water, and dried them flat to remove the fold. There’s still a crease there, but I like it.

The mudflaps look good, but my tires are flat-out too fat for fenders on this bike. Simply dropping down to 37mm tires would make all the difference. And maybe without vestigial knobs that grab the front mudflap on big bumps.