3 speed shifter mounted on the seatstay

Friction shifter for 3 speed hub, originally uploaded by antbike.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but assumed I’d have to fabricate a special mount for the bar-end shifter. I was thinking I’d mount an inch of handlebar side-on to the tube (big hole on one side for the allen key, small hole across for the bolt).

This is an Ant bike, presumably with a downtube shifter brazed onto the seatstay, but according to Pants Pants’ flickr stream, apparently you just need a longer M5 bolt!

The whole story is here on Pants Pants’ photo (he doesn’t didn’t used to allow bloggeration of his pictures). A closeup picture of the seatstay mounted shifter.

3-speed shifter

His bike is the impetus for me to finally buy the S3X hub I’ve been talking about for years!