NAHBS 2013 (Denver) – English Cycles

I’m so glad for English’s success. He’s been a favorite for years. Always impressive, with a strong engineering base that carries straight up to the beautiful design of the finished bike. I mean really… Is that a custom mini-V brake behind the fork? Or a toggle brake? Something special, for sure.

Scurvy Knave’s pictures are always excellent to see. Lots of good bike pics for years.

meeting of the minds

meeting of the minds, originally uploaded by cyclotourist.

That’s me in blue, talking to Gino at the West Point Inn. I’d never met him in person before. Photo taken by Cyclotourist, who was visiting from Redlands.

Riding my Bontrager for the first time in 8 months, and the first time back in California in 7 years made me realize that compared to the Privateer, my Gravel Roadster is a waste of time to ride.

Mt Tam with Cyclotourist and Gino

I went for a ride on Mt Tam today with my friends David and Gino. I’d met David twice, and Gino never, in real life.
I grew up in Mill Valley, but lived in Santa Rosa for years before moving to Oregon, so it’s been a long time since I rode up Railroad Grade. The Bontrager was an Annadel machine – I’m not sure it’s ever been up Tam.
I loved it. David seemed to enjoy it, and we rode Hoo Koo E Koo simply because there’s a bike named for it. “A great bike,” said David. His wife had one.
I had started out with a “yeah this town used to be nice,” attitude after a dog walker gave us a dirty look after we gave him a friendly greeting. Later, though, EVERYONE was nice! Man do people like an ‘on your left’ or a friendly bell-ring.
At Avatar’s Punjabi Burrito (no photo, but this phone takes terrible pictures anyway), a woman stopped, and said, “are either of you from here?” Expecting a request for directions, I said, “I grew up here, but I haven’t lived here for years.” Deniability, right? In case she asks after some boutique that’s cropped up in the last 15 years.
She said, “you two are having the Perfect Mill Valley Experience, with the bikes, and this kind of food.”
We were like, “we just rode up Mt Tam, so I think you’re totally right.”

Tires to trade for narrower ones

Tires for trade. My new-old 37mm Pasela split the sidewall on the first mild ride, and I want a set of plump fast tires. I have a bunch of extra-fat tires that are either redundant, or too fat for the frames I own.

Kenda Kwests 40-622 700x38c, originally uploaded by BikeTinker.